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EIRYO Corporation

"Connecting smiles through cooking, connecting communities through food, and connecting Japanese cuisine to the future. "

Delicious food and feasts make everyone smile, regardless of age or gender, regardless of nationality.

Through co-creation with people from various genres, we will express the appeal of food in a new form, and connect the circle of smiles both domestically and internationally.

Rebranding of food culture that has been passed down in each region

The food culture of each region, such as local ingredients, local dishes, local sake and tableware, which are handed down from all over Japan, has been handed down in each region.

On the other hand, due to various changes in the environment, it is not easy to pass on the inherited food culture to the next generation.

The reason is that the changes in the environment surrounding each region are accelerating year by year.

Specifically, the depopulation and super-aging of rural areas due to the overconcentration of the metropolitan area, the serious shortage of successors, the increase in abandoned cultivated land, the population decline of 500,000 people every year, and global warming. We are facing many problems such as abnormal weather caused by the above, and the corona disaster that will continue from 2020.

The guideline for overcoming challenges is the segregation of things that must change and things that must not change.

I think that one of the keywords when overcoming this difficult situation is "corresponding to the diversity of food".

I think that establishing a new Japanese food culture that has the kindness to be close to people with various tastes is an essential condition for passing it on to the next generation.


Taking advantage of the experience of serving people with various nationalities and food consciousness in Canada, China, and France for the past 10 years as an official residence chef, the succession and further development of Japanese food culture as a chef I will do my best.


EIRYO Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Hideyoshi Kudo

Date of establishment March 1, 2022

Capital 5.000.000 yen



5-56-4 Denenchofu, Ota-ku, Tokyo

Company phone number 03-6822-2274

Business content 

・ Providing business trip food

 ・ General lecture activities related to eating and drinking

・ General consulting services for regional revitalization projects with the theme of food

・ Writing and contributing cooking recipes 

・ Development and advice on new menus for restaurants and hotel inns

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