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Japanese cuisine

On-site cooking class

"I want to be able to cook delicious Japanese food!"

We will respond to a wide range of requests such as on-site cooking classes and online cooking classes.

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3 tips for the preparation of a delicious traditional Japanese cuisine.

The choice of ingredients

Opting as much as possible for seasonal ingredients – 
For example, the coming season will be fall. When you are thinking about autumn, in terms of seasonal ingredients, mushrooms, Japanese saury (also called "sanma", according to the Japanese name, fish of the North Pacific) and persimmon immediately come to your mind.
The simple fact of having these seasonal ingredients available will delight you, and, while reminding you of the cycle of the seasons, will help you to appreciate the prepared meals even more.


Correctly follow preparation methods

- Considering the simplest moves like washing, drying or pressing the ingredients of the utmost importance –
It is often said that if Western cuisine is defined as a "cuisine of addition", Japanese cuisine is defined as a "cuisine of subtraction". Bringing out the ingredient's inherent flavor through simple preparation is the epitome of traditional Japanese cuisine. Let’s take the example of spinach. After boiling them, remember to wring them out and then soak them in the broth (dashi). The key point is to dewater the spinach. Wringing them too much will cause the loss of their flavor. On the contrary, not wringing them out enough will make them too soaked, thus rendering their flavor imperceptible.
It becomes possible to prepare delicious traditional Japanese cuisine only when you become aware of how the level of adjustment of strengths, the balance of flavors and the seasoning are crucial.

Put love

- Thinking with all your heart about the food consumer -
The scope of what is considered "exquisite" fluctuates depending on the consumer, the environment and the atmosphere.
「Will this consumer enjoy this flavor? Will this consumer feel this emotion? 」are the feelings of the consumer that you must imagine while preparing the food, and that you wish to convey in one way or another. It is possible, in that purpose, to adjust the quantities or to cut an ingredient more finely to facilitate tasting. All of these thoughts and adjustments are a way to express love through cooking.

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Amami Oshima Denpaku


Nishiawakura, Okayama Prefecture

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Amami Oshima Denpaku


​ Tottori JICA & Tottori Prefectural Office Workshop

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